ATP Design Studio is a family owned and run firm created for the sole purpose to deliver a great and friendly design service pushing the boundaries for cost efficiency and pronounced design standard. 

We are passionate about design and dedicated to delivering innovative solutions that leave a lasting impact on the built environment. Whether it's residential or commercial/ industrial projects, we take pride in offering tailor-made solutions that go beyond the conventional norms. Sustainability and environmental responsibility are at the core of our design philosophy, and we constantly strive to incorporate eco-friendly elements to create spaces that harmonize with nature.

We have a diverse range of successful projects that highlight our ability to balance aesthetics, functionality and budget considerations. From contemporary masterpieces to heritage restorations, each project is a testament to our unwavering commitment to delivering excellence.

Our journey is not just about creating buildings, it's about shaping communities and transforming lives. We take great pride in being a part of projects that contribute positively to the neighborhoods they serve, fostering a sense of belonging and shared identity.

Throughout the design and construction journey, we remain dedicated to open communication and transparency with our clients and stakeholders. We are always ready to lend a listening ear and adapt our designs to evolving needs, ensuring a smooth and successful project delivery.

Meet the Team @ ATP Design Studio

Andrew Meshkov

Director & Head Designer

In mid 2014, Andrew earned his Diploma of Building Design and Technology on the Gold Coast, marking the beginning of his architectural journey. He joined the prestigious BGD Architects, where he actively participated in numerous high-end residential projects across the Gold Coast. In early 2015, he transitioned to R H Frankland & Associates, where he dedicated over seven years of his career, successfully delivering more than 400 projects. Throughout his tenure, Andrew consistently provided reliable and exceptional design services, earning the trust and satisfaction of numerous clients. 

In the middle of 2020, Andrew brought his vision to life by establishing "ATP Design Studio," a dynamic and family-oriented design firm. His goal was to create a welcoming and customer-centric studio dedicated to delivering outstanding and approachable services, while also pushing the limits of cost-effectiveness and design excellence. 

Svetlana Meshkova

Head Drafter & Interior Designer

After achieving excellence in pronounced design and engineering standards during her Masters of Architecture in Russia, Svetlana embarked on a new chapter in Australia. While pursuing her Diploma of Building Design and Technology, she gained practical experience as a residential and commercial drafter. Svetlana's professional journey included working for esteemed firms like R H Frankland & Associates and Brookhaven Homes. Eventually, she joined ATP Design Studio, where her remarkable skills led her to take on the roles of head Drafter and Interior Designer. 

Join the team

We encourage new employment and contract options. Please feel free to send us your resume via email, mail or contact us over the phone.


Office: 2/61 Cuthbert Drive, Yatala QLD

Phone: +61 423 535 120


Office: admin@atpdesignstudio.com

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ABN: 74 739 848 180

QBCC licence Number: 15183066

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